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PVC Privacy Picket Fence

By DHIY Australia


Per Meter ( 2.44m per section) 

What is included

  •  1   x Post 
  •  2   x Rails
  •  7   x Panels
  •  1   x Post cap
  •  1   x aluminium rails insert
  •  Additional parts can be purchased separately 


Affordable FREIGHT Australia Wide 

PVC privacy fence or vinyl boundary fence between neighbours. Post are pre-cut for rails to click in. No screw needed.

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Does not absorb moisture. Won't blister or peel.

Anti-termite. Will not be destroy by termites.  

No painting or staining. Saves your time and money

Non-toxic. As compared to some of the other fencing materials.

Light Weight. Simple and lightweight to install by anyone.

pvc fence never mould

No rusting, rotting or getting decomposed

Easy to clean, low maintenance, stay new year after year

5 times the tensile strength of comparable wood

Easy to Install. Simple and lightweight to install by anyone

UV Resistant. Won't change colour over time



Vinyl / PVC
Projected Life
Yours Plus!
5-7 Years
5-10 Years
Maintenance Free
Anti Rust
Fungus & Dry Rot Free
Free of Harmful Chemicals
(Arsenic, Lead, Creosote)
Needs Painting
Colour Stable
Saves Replacement
Short Term Solution
Costs More


Gallery - Vinyl / PVC Picket fence



Vinyl / PVC Picket Installation Guide


Vinyl / PVC Privacy Fence

1. Getting Started
• Be sure to check underground prior to digging
• Assemble gates (if necessary) and decide where they will be located
• Stake out the fence line
• Space and mark post hole locations for sections (spacer bar/template may be useful)
• Start at gate end post and work outward to determine proper fence height relative to ground

3. Dig Holes
• Dig holes 70cm to 90cm deep or to frost line
- hole size for 125mm x 125mm posts = 250mm
- hole size for 100mm x 100mm posts = 200mm
• Clean holes and check for straight wallsote

3. Install First Post
• Insert post in hole
• Determine rough height
• Fill hole around post with concrete mix (sand, gravel and cement) approximately 5cm below ground level
• Tamp concrete in hole to eliminate air pockets
• Level and square post

4. Install Bottom Rail
• Insert rail into post - Note: Pickets will attach to rail on the side with the small holes
• Rail ends have been crimped to hold inside posts

5. Install Second Post
• Insert second post in hole
• Insert bottom rail in post
• Insert block under bottom rail to position at correct fence height
• Fill hole around second post with concrete mix
• Tamp, level and square fence
• Assembly may be continued by installing all bottom rails first, or one section at a time

6. Support and Secure
• Level and square fence
• To lower a post, place a wood block from corner to corner on the post and carefully tap with a mallet
• Never strike the PVC post without a wood support

7. Install Pickets and Rails
• Insert top rail in post
• Rail ends have been crimped to hold inside posts

8. Install Pickets
• For field assembly, insert hex washer head screw through large pre-drilled hole in top rail
• Align pre-drilled hole in picket, tighten with deep socket wrench or nut driver with clutchdrill (do not overtighten)
• Repeat for bottom rail
• Insert hole plug into picket's hole

9. Secure Rails
• Square pickets and rails
• Check for even picket spacing on each end of rail
• Top rail may be secured inside post with screw on each end (optional)

10. Hang Gate/Install Hardware
• Position gate between posts
• Allow 15mm gap for hinge, latch and gate swing
• Block up gate to square with fence; rails should be level
• Gate hardware must be mounted to two sides of the steel inserted post

11. Solidify Gate Posts
• It is critical that gate hinge and latch posts are solid to ensure proper gate functionality using aluminum gate post insert
• Slide aluminum gate insert inside hinge, latch or end posts with open end facing routed hole
• Drive a screw through the vinyl into the aluminum insert at the bottom of the post to hold in place
• Insert post into ground
• Fill hole with concrete around outside of post

12. Install Caps
• Install post caps
• Caps may be secured with glue, silicone adhesive or screws

PVC privacy fence installation diagram

vinyl privacy fence installation diagram


Picket pre-cut hole and plug

vinyl picket with pre-cut hole and plug


Aluminium insert for gate hinge

vinyl post aluminium insert for gate


Parts & Accessories 


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